Could this be your window to finally work on those health goals?

Here are 10 reasons why I think you should 

  1. Your food is your fuel. Would you pour muddy water into your gas tank? Your body uses the nutrients that it gets from food to function, heal and repair. Are you filling your tank with the premium high quality stuff?
  2. We’re all unique and we all have different needs and requirements. ”Winging it” and cookie cutter diets often miss the mark . There’s an awful lot of contradictory information out there. Learn what’s right for YOU.
  3. Tuning in to the signals your body is giving you is the key to sustainable health. Your body is always giving you feedback; many of us were never taught to listen.
  4. Your body is a marvel of nature (stick with me here) It strives for balance, optimal health and to keep you at your best. What if you started thinking of your amazing bod as your ally in health? Would you consider giving it the right fuel and tuning in?
  5. Cravings are the result of what and how you are eating. You’re not weak and you don’t lack willpower. Eating the right delicious foods in the right proportions at the right time will crush cravings.
  6. Insulin is the body’s master commander; learn how stabilizing this important hormone will change your health game forever.
  7. Weight loss isn’t just a question of calories in versus calories out. Insulin acts as the body’s weight thermostat. Is your thermostat set too high?
  8. Sleep issues, low energy, depression, mood swings, hormone issues…? Insulin could be (one of) the root cause(s).
  9. Getting older does not have to hurt! Inflammation isn’t caused by a lack of anti-inflammatory medication, why is it our main go-to when dealing with pain? Consider getting to the root cause here too.
  10. Fat isn’t the enemy, it’s a vehicle for great flavor and healthy fats are essential for optimal health. Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

I’m hosting a free online info session where I’ll discuss the Metabolic Balance program and why, after 4 years it’s still my best tool to help clients achieve their health goals in a gentle, holistic and sustainable way. I hope you’ll join me.

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