Switching to a healthier diet and changing habits has to be a win – win if those things are going to stick.

Being a food gal through and through, by win- win I mean it has to be delicious and it has to be doable.

I hear the same story a lot… ‘’I got busy and the wheels fell off the bus’’ or ‘’the stress level went up and all the new habits went out’’

Stressful times are when our bodies crave good nutrition the most. Having a plan in place and a couple of easy go-tos is a game-changer and crucial to staying the course. Because…

Life will happen.

So I’d like to know; what are your best tips or tricks to safeguard against falling back into old (not so healthy) eating habits when life gets busy?

Here’s one of mine:

Roast chicken (get the recipe here)

picture of a delicious roast chicken

We’re lucky enough to raise our own birds and roast chicken is one of my all time favorites.

Our chickens weigh between 7 and 10lbs. That’s a lot of chicken for 2 people.

I used to reserve roast chicken dinners for when I’d be sure to have a whole gang to help us eat it.

Now, even though it’s just the two of us, I cook the whole bird and – no I don’t eat chicken for the next 2 weeks…

I freeze half for a quick delicious roast chicken dinner that’s as delicious the second time around. Seriously, I was amazed.

I love enjoying the mouth watering smell of roast chicken as it cooks (or warms up the second time around). I love the leftovers for quick lunches. I love boiling up the bones for broth (I even freeze the bones if I don’t have time to make broth right away). I love making savory, warming soups from the broth.

Most of all I love that it’s delicious and that nothing goes to waste.

After its cooked, I simply allow the bird to cool a bit, cut it down the breast bone length-wise and freeze half with a little of the gravy or cooking juice. See the recipe for all the details.

Pair it with a tossed salad or some roasted veggies and bam, supper with enough leftovers for a few quick lunches.

That’s my kind of fast food.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Presented by Kim L’Ecuyer Bsc, R.H.N.

As a Registered Holistic Nutrition consultant and certified Metabolic Balance coach, Kim is passionate about food, health and prevention. She particularly loves inspiring folks to love the foods that will love them back.

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