Why should you go through all of the trouble to cook your own food when you could just buy it?

We have countless fast, made-for-you meal options, aisles and aisles of tasty, cheap food.

Why carve out the time to do this for ourselves?

Because food manufacturers don’t really care about your health.

Take this podcast with you on your next walk or drive to help deepen why we need to be our own health ambassadors and why food and lifestyle changes really matter!

I’m so excited to be hosting my second online cooking class. I know the recipes that I’ll be sharing with you will be a great foundation for you to build on and will inspire you to continue making the small changes that will eventually add up to big health results. Health is a one-way street. As you start noticing the effects of a cleaner and more nutritious diet, you’ll be motivated to continue.

I recently had a client that was balking at cooking her own meals. Her heavy work load and proximity to so many great and tasty meal options created a lot of resistance around batch cooking and freezing meals.

I told her that anytime she purchased a prepared meal; even something as healthy-sounding as frozen black bean burgers, she was purchasing someone else’s batch cooking.

When you cook your own food, you ensure top quality ingredients and maximum nutrition. And there are ways to do it and hold down your day job.

What do you think your body does when it needs nutrients?

It signals hunger!

When you give your body processed, refined or empty foods, your body, (although getting plenty of calories) is left starving for nutrients. As you begin eating more wholesome, natural foods, you will notice cravings and ravenous hunger diminish.

Good quality meat and animal products are not bad for you. Factory-farmed meat and dairy is. When you learn how to source your food, you will get the benefit of maximum nutrients and know that you’re a part of the solution rather than the problem.

You’ll avoid using inflammatory fats and switch it up for good quality anti-inflammatory fats. Yes! Those cheap salad dressings that live on the grocery store shelf could be contributing to your joint pain, inflammation and heart disease.

It will be much easier to control the amount of carbohydrates you take in making it easier to maintain a healthy weight because restaurant food or meal delivery services like GoodFood are all carb-heavy.

You’ll avoid chemical flavoring agents and preservatives. Read a package label, if you can’t pronounce it, there’s a good chance that your body doesn’t know what to do with it either. These substances add to your toxic load contributing to body acidity, inflammation and disease.

Will eating the occasional additive, chemical preservative or processed food kill you?

Of course not. But these foods and ingredients have a cumulative effect on the body that does add up over time.

I challenge you to make a few of the delicious changes I propose. Your body and your taste buds will have you coming back for more.

We’ve got things to do, places to be, people to see! Whoooeee, feels good to say that doesn’t it?

We have earned the right to spend some time outside the kitchen. Which is why all of the recipes I selected for my upcoming workshop are designed to deliver maximum flavor and can be made ahead.

There’s no getting around cooking your own food when you’re concerned about health or weight. It may as well be delicious.

Cook smart not more!

Having things ready to go in the freezer is a lifesaver. I want to show you how to maximize your time in the kitchen without sacrificing on taste or quality. Meal prep should be a rainy day thing.

Did I mention it’s going to rain on June 20th? O.K. I’m not 100% certain of that but either way, the workshop will be recorded.

You’re looking at my supper last night; aka Sexy Meatloaf (it was a delicious one pot supper with enough leftovers for two or three lunches)

This is one of the recipes that we’ll be making together and it’s a staple in my freezer.

Yesterday was busy and I hadn’t taken anything out for supper.

So here’s the play by play:

4:27 tuned on oven
4:28 pulled frozen meatloaf from the freezer

frozen meatloaf

frozen meatloaf

4:32 frozen meatloaf in oven to brown
4:32 to 4:42 veg and ingredient prep

prepped vegetables, spices and seasonings

4:42 broth, beer, onions, cloves, bay leaves and carrots went into the pot with the meatloaf
4:43 to 5:35 went to store, went to garden center, back home, unloaded car, puttered in garden, emptied dishwasher, did lunch and breakfast dishes
5:36 baby potatoes went in pot
5:37 to 6:00 chatted with hubby on porch
6:01 mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli in pot
6:15 kale and tomato in, meatloaf out
6:16 to 6:24 set table, sliced meatloaf, poured wine
6:25 supper

The tips and recipes that I will be sharing in the Making Healthy Delicious workshop are all the ones I use in my regular rotation.

The amount of spaces are limited so reserve soon!

I look forward to cooking with you.

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A couple of years ago I had a friend over for lunch. When she asked me for the recipe of whatever I had made, I answered honestly; I hardly ever cook with recipes because I’m really bad at following them.

I use recipes for inspiration or for ideas for flavor combinations but my family can attest that I tend to go off the rails pretty quickly whenever I attempt to follow a recipe. My baking attempts are never pretty.

This friend suggested that I keep a notebook in my kitchen to jot down my kitchen creations.

I did and my food-smeared notebook is what I referred to when creating the Making Healthy Delicious Workshop

kim's kitchen creations notebook

kim’s kitchen creations notebook

Just like everyone, my life is busy. If I don’t have a plan, there’s a big chance that we’ll be calling for takeout or buying frozen dumplings from the grocery store.

Takeout and dumplings are always going to happen. When it happens so often that my pants start to shrink – it’s a sign that it’s time to rein things in.

I noticed that certain recipes kept coming back into my regular rotation and these were the meals that I was making in large batches and freezing. My number one rule is if it isn’t delicious, it doesn’t go into the freezer.

These are the recipes I’ll be sharing with you in my upcoming workshop. The ones that go in often and (most importantly) come back out and get gobbled up!

the inside of my freezer

the inside of my freezer

You’re looking at frozen containers of stews, soups, curries, broth, hummus, garlic butter a couple of meatloaves…, the dumplings are hiding in the back 😉 .

I want you to love your home cooked food.

I’ve designed the workshop so that you can cook along in your own kitchen. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to download a complete list of ingredients, all of the recipes as well as some bonus material that I know you’ll love.

The entire workshop will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

I’ve limited the amount of spaces so reserve soon!

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This picture below sums up why I do what I do.

healthy senior couple riding a cool Vespa

This is what I want my retirement to look like. Fun, happy, productive, a little off the wall…

Is eating healthy an absolute guarantee that I’ll be lucky and age gracefully and painlessly? No, but it can’t hurt to at least put the odds in my favor right?

I’m sure no one would choose hanging around in waiting rooms over tooting around on a cool Vespa, so why not start stacking your odds now?

There’s a lot of overwhelm and confusion surrounding diet and lifestyle changes. There’s so much contradictory information out there that it can easily become paralyzing.

So how do you begin to sort it all out and cut through all the noise?

The key is to just start.

I’d like to invite you to a friendly challenge; all you’ll have to do is add this one thing in at breakfast.

Just two weeks of super-nourishing yourself. You won’t have to cut anything out or change anything else in your life.

Throughout the two weeks, you’re going to pay attention to your digestion, your energy, your weight, your cravings, your inflammation, your skin, your bowels…

I’m not claiming that this one thing will fix all of your problems, but you may just notice a shift.

Hopefully the shift will inspire you to continue finding ways to incorporate more and more of the good stuff into your every day.

Health is a one way street and once you start feeling better, it’s usually pretty addictive.

One thing is certain; giving your body more nutrient-dense foods can never hurt.

The clip you’re about to watch was inspired by a recipe I shared in last year’s online cooking workshop.

You’ve probably seen more polished videos before but if this helps get you past not being a smoothie person, and just giving it a try, then it will be worth it.

Watch the video here
Get the recipe here

If you’re interested in finding ways to incorporate more healthy into your everyday, then consider joining me for a fun and delicious online cooking workshop.

Get all the details here.

A recording of the entire workshop will be sent out to everyone who signs up.

Spaces are limited so share this with someone you love.

I look forward to cooking with you,