Whenever I introduce myself and explain that I’m a Registered Holistic Nutrition consultant. I invariably get the same response.

You’re a registered what what now?

Holistic means that all of the various parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection with the entire system.
When relating it to your body; this means that all of your body parts as well as your mind and spirit are in constant and complex interplay.

What that basically means is that the food you eat, your beliefs, and your outlook on life are just a few of the things that have a very important effect on your overall health and well being.

I believe that we hold much more power over how our health story will play out than we’ve been led to believe. We don’t have to be victims of our health and genetics.

(Take this inspiring podcast with you on your next walk or drive if you’re curious about that last statement)

Think of it this way: Your genetics is the loaded gun, diet and lifestyle is the trigger. The loaded gun isn’t dangerous in and of itself although it holds the potential to be deadly. You make choices whether or not you will activate your genetics – pull the trigger – or not through your diet and lifestyle choices.

Smoking gun on white background, closeup

  • Holistic nutrition consultants help shine the light on the importance of maintaining overall balance and help simplify the important task of feeding yourself so you can provide your body with the proper fuel it needs and craves.
  • We lead with the assumption that the human body already has all of the necessary hormones and enzymes that are required for health and balance as long as the proper nutrients (fuel) are provided.
  • We assume that the normal human state is wellness.
  • Our job is to guide you in providing the fuel that can be found in natural wholesome foods as well as a balanced lifestyle so that your body can naturally regain balance.
  • We are not trained within the disease model but rather with a focus on health, prevention and getting to the root cause.
  • There is rarely a one size fits all approach since we recognize that everyone is unique. There are very few magic bullets but rather many small changes that add up over time.
  • Our success relies on our client’s personal involvement and on taking self-responsibility. So respecting everybody’s individual pace and basic level of understanding is essential.

Food is our fuel. Food is powerful… I say let it be our medicine.

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