You’re a smart, make-it-happen kind of person. So tell me; why do you always put yourself last?

Attending to your diet and losing those extra pounds is scary and may seem like a giant mountain…

But it doesn’t have to be.

We all make up these obstacles in our minds, then we run through all the reasons why we shouldn’t even start.

‘’I’m not good enough, smart enough, disciplined enough. I don’t have enough time, energy, money’’

Sound familiar?

Now let’s reframe that:

You ARE good and smart and you have PLENTY of discipline.

Once you take the time to take better care of yourself, you’ll be rewarded with more energy and vitality. You deserve it.

The best wealth is health.

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for you and all of the people that rely on you.

I’ve learned a big lesson over the last few years.

I’ve always been a micro manager and a control freak. It was always easier to point out what everyone else should do to improve and get better…

The more anxious or stressed I was, the more I would nitpick and point fingers.

Worrying and focusing on others was way easier than attending to my own sh*t.

I’ve learned that I can’t control others. Not my adult kids, my husband, my clients… only me.

As much as that felt like a relief and like a heavy weight was lifted. It was also a hard pill to swallow.

Because it means that I’m in charge of me. Period.

I can’t blame or bitch at x-y-z for my problems (o.k., it still happens from time to time… )

Bottom line is if I don’t like something, it’s up to me to either change it or accept it.

And now when that stress or anxiety comes back, it’s my cue to shine that spotlight back on me and what I can control.

Doing this work does not have to be the giant mountain you’ve created in your mind. It will be a step by step process.

It will not be about perfection, just progress and holding yourself in the spotlight for a change.

Let this be a little love note to remind you that you’re worth it and you’ve got this ❤

Contact me if you’re ready to take care of you.