Have you ever felt like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to your weight?

I want to talk a little about what you’re up against.

Processed food

The following stats blew my socks off:

  • There is actually a whole business model built around getting people addicted to processed foods thereby guaranteeing return customers and big revenue.

  • When smoking finally started losing popularity, tobacco companies purchased processed food companies and used the same methods and advertising that they originally used to addict millions of people to cigarettes.
  • Processed foods are actually ENGINEERED to be addictive. There are trained experts that specialize in just that.
  • Sugar is more addictive and destructive than cocaine and is much less taboo. Processed food manufacturers are allowed to market (heavily) to tiny children during cartoons.
  • 60% of what people eat is some kind of processed food (according to U.S. stats)
  • 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.
  • There are at least 140 diseases that research has linked to processed foods.
  • Diet related disease is the leading cause of preventable death – ahead of smoking.
  • Science has demonstrated similarities between chronic overeating and drug addiction.

If you find any of this is as outrageous as I did, you’ll want to tune into this podcast for the whole scoop.

The traditional answers for obesity: eat less, exercise more, calories in versus calories out, cut fat… Are not working.

The science is showing that it’s more complicated than that.

So if processed foods were ever a part of your undoing?

There is hope.

I can help you fine tune your diet, switch up old favorites and install a strong foundation for a happy healthy future.

Understanding what you’re up against as well as the WHY behind your new choices and lifestyle changes is crucial to compliance and long term success.

It is possible to lose weight without cravings. I’m not talking about miracle foods, quick fixes or silver bullet solutions.

I’m talking about delicious, nourishing, wholesome food that WON’T set you up for cravings and make you a statistic.

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