The pandemic was hard on my business like so many others.

Apparently people aren’t into overhauling their diet when they’re just treading water.

The good news is that business has picked up.

With a busier schedule, I’ve found myself having to practice what I preach.

As many of my clients know, a holistic approach involves looking at the whole person, and I’m constantly preaching self-care and stress management.

What I recently noticed was, I stopped taking the time to batch cook and my freezer started looking bare.

The result: more takeout, frozen pizza, store bought dumplings and quick pasta meals…

The result of that: A few (8) extra pounds, a little more sluggishness, a little more brain fog, sore stiff joints which lead to less activity, less motivation, more scrolling, more Netflix.

See the pattern?

Let’s be clear; I have nothing against takeout once in awhile and I never want to divorce pasta but it’s about the balance.

Correcting that involved a couple of tough decisions, some prioritizing and a little more discipline with the scrolling and the screen time.

I’m working at building up my meal reserves again because I know that:

Cooking my own food is a giant part of self-care and it does pay off in the long run.

I’ve gone back to making one batch cooking recipe per week. It usually goes like this:

-Monday after work, I grocery shop and gather up my ingredients. I also take an inventory of containers and labels and make sure I have everything I need . I may do a little prepping such as taking stuff out to defrost, washing the greens, soaking beans, chopping some of the veggies.

-Tuesday is usually my big recipe day and I try to book myself off around 4:00 or so and go straight to the kitchen.
It’s much less overwhelming because I’ve already been to the store and everything has been laid out the day before.

I even plan a light lunch on my cooking day because I know that if I have a little edge, I’m more motivated to taste, season carefully and really work at making my masterpiece delicious.

Golden Rule: It doesn’t go into the freezer unless it’s absolutely delicious. Working at seasoning carefully and making your food delicious is ESSENTIAL.

Committing to doing this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis ensures that I always have some healthy delicious go-tos when things get busy.

Some weeks it’s as simple as making a giant batch of homemade salad dressing, getting some sprouts sprouting or starting a batch of ferments…

What I know for sure; cooking my own food is foundational and key to staying the course and being at my best.

My gift to you:

This pea soup recipe is a regular part of my rotation. This recipe makes a large batch so you’ll have enough to freeze for busy days.

I sometimes struggle with getting enough legumes into my diet. This recipe is one of my solutions to that problem.

Legumes are super-foods providing beautiful fiber, prebiotics and protein. Eating legumes has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels for the meal when they’re consumed and well into the next meal.

This is called therapeutic for folks with blood sugar issues.

This recipe includes some bacon. For folks that are in the early stages of their Metabolic Balance program and don’t want to mix proteins, or if you prefer going full-on plant-based, the bacon can be replaced by a few drops of liquid smoke.

For folks that worry that bacon has no part in a healthy diet. I say, first of all, source your bacon carefully (naturally raised without antibiotics and without preservatives). Secondly, rest assured that some saturated fats are beneficial when part of a balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

Top this soup with a generous helping of raw sauerkraut and you’ve got all your bases covered. A perfect quick, delicious lunch.

Reach out if you’d like to build on your self-care routine.

Cheers to making healthy delicious.

My clients are my biggest source of inspiration. I hope this gorgeous young gal’s story inspires you.

Meet Stephanie,

Stephanie is a 26 year old veterinary technician. Her warm smile and bubbly personality never fails to light up the room. She works full time, has several fur babies as well as a boyfriend and family that she’s devoted to.

Stephanie came to me for help with bloating, cramping and fatigue. She also struggled with cravings and continued weight gain.

She noticed that certain foods, particularly cow dairy, would trigger painful cramping and affect her bowels.

We decided to get her a Metabolic Balance plan.

Her personalized meal plan was put together based 30 of her blood values, her measurements as well as her health history.

11 days into her plan, she was down 9 lbs. Her bloating and cramping were significantly reduced although she was still feeling somewhat tired. She struggled with occasional headaches during the first (strict) part of her plan.

8 weeks into her plan, she was down 17 lbs. Her bloating and cramping were gone and she was awakening feeling more rested (when her fur babies behaved and let her sleep)

5 months after starting her plan she was down a total of 22 lbs and was within about 3 lbs of her target weight.

During that time, she integrated all kinds of new foods and habits and most importantly, learned how to make her new healthy food delicious.

She no longer experiences any pain after eating, even when she has cow dairy.

Cravings are no longer a thing and she’s continuing to prioritize sleep.

Stephanie’s journey is a perfect example of the case for real food. So many foods are demonized and removed from diets when often, the problem isn’t the whole food at all but rather the sufferer’s digestion and gut.

In Stephanie’s case; cleaning up the diet, supporting the gut and digestion along with the science behind Metabolic Balance, resulted in her tolerating ALL foods.

It was such a pleasure working with Stephanie. She is self-responsible and she was enthusiastic and open to all of the changes.

Currently, she’s working at consciously maintaining her new healthy weight and deepening the important connections and red flag symptoms that her body gives her.

Here are a few words from her:

Since I was a young teen I was ALWAYS experiencing cramping and bloating after every meal.

I consulted my family doctor and their response was always ‘’you need to cut this out of your diet’’ or ‘’maybe you are lactose intolerant, try this supplement and see’’.

As a teen that was hard, especially since I am someone who LOVES to eat, especially cheese, and I thought that it was honestly not worth it for me because I would NEVER want to eliminate dairy from my diet.

So at this point I was just dealing with the pain because there was no way I was going to cut out the foods that I love.

It was only recently, after hearing about Kim and Metabolic Balance from a friend, that I finally decided that I needed to do this, that I was done dealing with this discomfort and I wanted to find the root of the problem.

Since my first appointment with Kim I could tell how caring and dedicated she is to nutrition and showing everyone that ‘’food is not the problem’’.

We got started right away and I was amazed to see how my blood could tell me what foods are best for me and that dairy was something I COULD eat.

The first two weeks were rough but Kim was there to guide me through every step of the journey and my boyfriend, family and friends were there to help and support me as well.

Once I was able to experiment with more foods I was amazed about how great I was feeling, and how I was able to eat and not suffer any consequences later on.

Throughout this journey Kim helped me understand that good food is never the problem and how important it is to feed your gut!

Ever since I have been putting my gut first and always providing it with some gut friendly foods.

I am extremely happy that I finally decided to start this journey and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else but Kim. She is a real GUT saver 🙂


I want to congratulate Stephanie on achieving her goals and for allowing me to share her story.

Stephanie has gained tools that will support her for a lifetime and most importantly the conviction that eating should not hurt.

Reach out to book a discovery call.