Meet Stephanie;

Stephanie is a very busy, very active mom of two amazing teens that works full time, travels a lot and manages her farm.

Stephanie came to me for weight loss and thyroid problems. She also presented with cravings, migraines, some bowel issues as well as recurring urinary tract infections.

Stephanie loves good food and is very in touch with her body.

She describes herself as a very driven, determined ‘all-in’ kind of person.

She demonstrated this superpower when it came to recommitting and staying aligned with her goals. More on that below 😉

Stephanie decided to follow Metabolic Balance in order to help her reach her health goals.

She started her plan 2 weeks before Christmas.

2 weeks later, she was down 8 lbs. Although she experienced some energy lulls during the first 2 weeks, her headaches went away and she stayed the course.

6 weeks into her plan she was down 19 lbs. Her energy was coming back up and her bowels were regular.

Some small surrounding issues that Stephanie struggled with like finger numbness and her inability to digest certain foods like peppers, also cleared up.
Both are an indication that she was moving overall health in the right direction.

-5 months in, she reached her 40 lb. weight loss goal. Her cravings and migraines are gone and the frequency of her UTIs is significantly diminished.


‘Where the mind goes, man follows’ is a saying that comes to mind as I’m writing about Stephanie.

Right from the get-go, Stephanie had NO DOUBT in her mind that she would achieve this for herself. Her self-talk was positive and aligned with her goals. A huge contributor to her success.

It’s always worth checking in with your self-talk and unconscious beliefs before undertaking any kind of major change.

Unconscious beliefs such as; ’’I’ve never been able…’’, ‘’I always fail…’’, I have no willpower‘’ end up creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

If those false beliefs aren’t noticed and addressed, you WILL prove yourself right and perpetuate your cycle.

It’s pretty surprising to see what the subconscious can come up with in order to reinforce those old stories if you aren’t aware that they’re playing on repeat in the background of your mind.

Most of us would never dream of letting our loved ones down once we make a promise. Yet, for many of us, promises to ourselves are not held in such high regard.

I never heard any excuses from Stephanie… she took full responsibility for herself and the outcome of her journey. She had a success mindset well installed before she even started.

Stephanie’s success underlines the importance of noticing your self-talk and your stories as well as refocusing and recommitting to your goals, sometimes on a daily basis.

Having a clear plan is also crucial to staying on course.

Here are some guidelines that helped Stephanie reach her goal:

  • She was always very precise with her quantities. She knew that she wouldn’t be doing this forever and chose the fastest, safest route. ‘Eyeballing’ or ‘guesstimating’ food portions is a maintenance thing!
  • She weighed-in daily and didn’t allow herself to go backwards. If she did regain a pound or two, she quickly adjusted her treat meals or assessed the other things that she had control over (water intake, bowels, exercise, starch and bread).
  • When eating out, she always asked for a to-go box right at the beginning, and put part of her meal aside . This allowed her the satisfaction of finishing her plate without the temptation of just one more bite.
  • She discovered that her body allowed her more leeway with deviating from her plan if she did her deviating at lunch.
  • She broke her goals down into 10 lb. increments which was less daunting than looking at the entire picture.

I sincerely thank Stephanie for allowing me to share her journey.

I’m always inspired by my clients. I hope this inspires you that change is ALWAYS possible with the right perspective.

Here are a few words form Stephanie:

Q. What surprised you the most?

A. After 5 years of struggling with a thyroid problem, changing my nutrition regulated all of the struggles.


Q. What is the big takeaway from all of this?

A. I learned to listen to my body and understand the powerful messages that your body can send you as well as the the connections with food.


Q. Share a few words about your experience working with Kim?

A. Kim is very understanding, knowledgeable and patient. She made it very easy to understand and follow the program.