If we’ve worked together in the past, I’m offering this as a loving reminder ❤️

If we haven’t yet worked together, please check out my PRACTICAL TIPS FOR MAINTAINING OVER THE HOLIDAYS

I don’t have too many rules with clients.

One thing that makes me incredibly sad is when clients come back to see me after the holidays having back-tracked.

They don’t even have to speak, I can see the look on their faces.

My heart sinks when this happens because it is such an act of self-cruelty.

MY RULE this holiday season IS NO BACK-TRACKING.


If you’re aiming to maintain your current weight over the holidays then get on the scale right now. I’ll wait for you…

Add a little fluctuation weight, say 2 to 4 lbs.

Current weight + fluctuation weight = ⏰Alarm weight ⏰

Now write down that alarm weight and post it on your scale.

Tell yourself this.

Times when you avoid the scale (aka the holidays) is probably when you need to check-in and keep yourself accountable the most.

What gets measured gets managed.

Here’s another way to look at it.

Say you had a savings goal.

Would you go on a shopping spree, stop checking your bank balance and then get really down and bummed-out because you don’t have that extra $500 you were counting on at the end of the month?

Sounds ridiculous right.

I hear the equivalent of that story every year.

You may be thinking; the scale is toxic for me.

The scale isn’t toxic.

Facing the results of your neglect is toxic (again, this applies to clients that have the tools. Without the tools, stepping on the scale can feel cruel).

By staying accountable you will be better equipped to make the micro-adjustments that will keep your weight stable.

You have the tools, use them.

An ‘all or nothing’ attitude has no place here.

Back-tracking is cruel. You deserve better.