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Watch Your Self Talk

If I had a big picture message to put out there, it’s that working towards better health is a process. There is no destination; it’s all about the journey, your health journey. It’s o.k. to have concrete goals such as losing a little extra weight, reducing inflammation, addressing digestive upset… but coming at better health […]


What Comes To Mind When I Say Prevention?

What comes to mind when I say the word prevention? I would like to talk about why I think nutrition and lifestyle should be on the top of that list. My background is in agriculture. Every farmer knows that if you neglect the diet of your herd or flock, you’re setting yourself up for problems. […]


Your Food Is Your Fuel

Do you ever wish you could just get the nitty gritty on nutrition – the bare bones so to speak? Well I’m offering just that! Check out my upcoming free workshop: Foods That Heal Foods That Harm. But before I go on, let me back up a bit. Why even bother? Why not just eat […]

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Gaspacho Recipe

Food is powerful. I believe we can have it all; delicious food, great health and vitality, easy weight maintenance, better hormone balance and less inflammation. All this is possible without cravings, feeling deprived or without living in a restrictive or punishing diet mentality. I also think we have way more power over our health than […]


We Are Not Victims Of Our Health Or Genetics

Whenever I introduce myself and explain that I’m a Registered Holistic Nutrition consultant. I invariably get the same response. You’re a registered what what now? Holistic means that all of the various parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection with the entire system. When relating it to your body; this means that all of […]


Client Spotlight

I hope you’re doing well. I’m always inspired by the power of food and lifestyle changes. The reason for that is because of my amazing clients. I’ve decided to share a small sample of the kind of transformation that I’m honored to be a part of everyday. Meet Thomas; Thomas is strong, vibrant and soon-to-be […]


Top Tips For Surviving Vacation Time

Summer is here! It’s time to let loose and enjoy, we’ve all earned it. We recently hit the road to go visit our daughter AND IT FELT GREAT to be going somewhere! The last thing on my mind was about behaving and being good. But still… Practicing a little tiny bit of strategic prevention will […]


An Argument For Real Food

Why should you go through all of the trouble to cook your own food when you could just buy it? We have countless fast, made-for-you meal options, aisles and aisles of tasty, cheap food. Why carve out the time to do this for ourselves? Because food manufacturers don’t really care about your health. Take this […]


Who Says Meatloaf Can’t Be Sexy?

We’ve got things to do, places to be, people to see! Whoooeee, feels good to say that doesn’t it? We have earned the right to spend some time outside the kitchen. Which is why all of the recipes I selected for my upcoming workshop are designed to deliver maximum flavor and can be made ahead. […]


Love Your Home Cooked Food

A couple of years ago I had a friend over for lunch. When she asked me for the recipe of whatever I had made, I answered honestly; I hardly ever cook with recipes because I’m really bad at following them. I use recipes for inspiration or for ideas for flavor combinations but my family can […]