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Food is powerful

What I do has nothing to do with quick fixes. If you’re interested in losing a few pounds and then going back to what you’ve always done. Then I’m likely not your gal. If you are ready to tune in to your body’s signals and learn how foods and lifestyle changes can affect your health […]


An apple a day

In most developed countries, cardiovascular disease and cancer are ranked as the top killers. Research clearly shows that these conditions are very strongly linked to lifestyle choices. What does that mean? It means that we are not simply victims of our genetics or the luck of the draw; we actually have way more power over […]

It’s not about the germs, it’s about the terrain

With cold and flu season upon us as well as all of the hype about epidemics and outbreaks, I thought that now would be a good time to talk about the immune system. Louis Pasteur said: ‘’It’s not about the germs, it’s about the terrain’’. Our immune system is the terrain that Pasteur was referring […]

Nutrition as prevention

If I were to ask you what comes to mind when I say the word prevention what would you say? Perhaps; regular checkups, mammograms, prostate checks, vaccinations? I would like to talk about why nutrition should be on the top of that list. Allow me to use agriculture to underline my point. Farmers are business […]

What is holistic nutrition?  

Holism is the view that all of the various parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection with the entire system. When relating to our body, this means that all of our body parts as well as our mind and spirit are in constant and complex interplay. Very often I meet people that feel like […]