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Are health or weight issues preventing you from living your best life?

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Are health or weight issues preventing you from living your best life?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of contradictory information surrounding health, weight loss and diet?

Do you feel like you’re lacking the necessary tools to make a sustainable and lasting change once and for all?

Food is POWERFULL. I can help!

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Powerhouse Pesto

Leafy greens provide tons of nutrients, healthy fats and chlorophyll.  They’re alkalinizing and packed with essential minerals. We all need more of these superfoods in our life but bowls of Popeye’s soggy spinach come to mind when we think leafy greens.  Check out this clip to learn how to love your leafies! The fussiest eaters will love this no-cook recipe that can be used to jazz up everyday dishes like soups, salads, sandwiches and pizza. This recipe is easy, versatile, delicious and freezes beautifully so you’ll always have some on hand to share.

Saved by

Contact me to get your copy of the “Saved by Nutrition” anthology in which 23 authors share their exceptional health stories of how holistic nutrition changed their lives for the better.

Are you ready?

Health Goals

To set health goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

Make a Promise

To make and keep a promise to yourself.


-To consciously recommit (sometimes daily) to your goals when motivation starts to waiver.

Change Old Patterns

To work at identifying and changing old patterns that no longer serve you.

Keep an Open Mind

To keeping an open mind to the fact that food can have a huge impact on all aspects of your health.

Value Health

To value the importance of healthy eating and make the time and effort required for real food preparation.

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Our old belief system still has many people believing that they are a victim of their genetics and of their health.

Epigenetics is proving that the old belief system is outdated and that our environment and our perceptions have a MUCH bigger impact on how our genes express and whether or not disease sets in.

Although diet isn’t the only player, our food is our fuel and it’s a huge part of our environment.

The exciting takeaway is that we have much more control than we think. This new research can help move people out of victimhood (”it’s in my genes”) to empowerment and control over their health and future.

I look forward to inspiring you to become the driver of your health and future.