Kim L’Ecuyer Bsc, R.H.N.

Hi, my name is Kim.  As a Registered Holistic Nutrition consultant (R.H.N.), naturopath (member of the ATNQ/APITMN) and a certified Metabolic Balance® coach, I am passionate about food, health and prevention. I particularly love inspiring folks to love the foods that will love them back.   I look forward to working with you.

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Background & Mission

I help people unlock the health they have within. Through wholesome delicious foods, I will help you regain the balance that may have been temporarily lost. I’m all about slowing it down keeping it simple and getting back to basics. I want to inspire you to love the foods that will love you back. I look forward to working with you.

Two things happened that were pivotal in getting me to where I am today. First my dad got really sick and second we purchased a retirement home.

The overall sentiment during that time was that we are all just victims of our health. Cross your fingers and hope for the best! The most you could do was show up to your doctor’s appointments and swallow your pills.

Not only were my dad and our Residents suffering with their failing health, it caused incredible stress and sadness for the people around them. I knew! I worried constantly about my parents; it made me feel so sad and powerless.

My background in agriculture and working with seniors really opened my eyes to the lack of prevention in our society. With animal agriculture, big money is invested in prevention through diet because it works!!

Prevention is cost effective, treatment is not.

Was this what aging had to look like? Where was the prevention? Why wasn’t anyone talking about diet or lifestyle?

I began looking for some positive role models, folks that were aging well.  It didn’t come together right away, but eventually I started to see a pattern. The more I learned the more excited I became…

Diet, outlook on life, joy, gratitude, regular movement, effective communication, the ability to give and receive love and stress management are all major factors of health that no one was talking about in my circles.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy keeping all those balls in the air! It requires dedication and investment in yourself and your future. But in my opinion is totally worth it when the choice is whether you’re going to rock your golden years or hang out in waiting rooms.

Today I’m surrounded by folks that have taken control of their health, that are aging gracefully and avoiding disease altogether. I guess I’ve always known about the importance of healthy food, now I’m constantly blown away by the power food has and how quickly and spectacularly people react to simple changes.

I’m a big picture person and I’m moderate by nature. I’m not about fussy restrictive diets or deprivation. I’m all about balance and enjoying life. My food is my love.

That being said, I’m more excited about my future than ever. I love my life and I’m grateful to all the amazing people that I’ve had the honour of working with. I love learning, cooking, travelling and sampling different cuisines. Best of all is enjoying good food and wine in the company of people I love.

I’m discovering that it’s important for me to feel grounded and connected so that means a little yoga and meditation and lots of gratitude. I love being surrounded by beauty and nature with just a little adventure and spontaneity mixed in there.

My mission is to rock my golden years, continue to lean and be the best version of me possible.


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Kim L’Ecuyer – Nutrition L’Ecuyer

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