A few years ago, when I was going through a bit of a rough patch, I remember wishing for some positive role models; people that would inspire me, not make me dread each new birthday.

Running a retirement home and my dad’s long, drawn-out illness were taking a toll. I knew I needed to change the lens through which I viewed aging.

Clients like the one you’re about to meet are my wish come true.

Meet Anne;

Anne was referred to me by her family doctor. At age 75, her blood sugar, blood pressure and weight had all been gradually creeping up. This was especially worrisome since she has a family history of coronary artery disease and went through a quintuple bypass at the age of 55.

Saddled with new diabetes diagnosis, increasing cravings and dwindling energy, she decided it was time to give her diet a serious overhaul.

She started her Metabolic Balance plan in May.

By early June, she was down 17 lbs. Her blood pressure and blood sugar responded quickly to her new diet and she only needed to take her sleeping meds occasionally.

By mid June she was reporting significant improvements in her energy levels. More movement and longer walks came about organically as she began to feel better.

We worked hard on digestion and she was able to reduce her need for antacid medication.

Acid reflux is a sign of weak digestion that is often made worse by sugar, processed food and stress. Antacids and other acid-blocking medications come with a slew of dangerous side-effects if used long term . When you block natural stomach acid that is REQUIRED to digest food, you are only putting a band-aid on symptoms as well as setting yourself up for a whole list of other problems down the road.

By August, most of Anne’s lab values had improved, (including blood sugar and blood pressure) and she was able to reduce her cholesterol medication. Her doctor was impressed with her new results.

She lost a total of 30 lbs. on the program. She has since regained a few pounds because she feels better at her current weight. Tuning in, listening to her body and adjusting is something Anne does very well.

She’s currently maintaining her new weight and is conscious of not falling back into old habits. She is also playing around with finding her balance between eating well, feeling good and enjoying life.

Anne is authentic, brave and funny…she kept me in stitches the whole time we worked together.

I admire her determination to take responsibility for her health and her refusal to sit in the victim seat. She symbolizes what living on purpose looks like.

I hope she inspires you as much as she’s inspired me ❤

Here are a few words from Anne:

”Metabolic Balance. These are the words that caught my attention in a local newspaper when I was at a desperate low. By early 2021, I was extremely fatigued and depressed and unable to stay awake for more than 3 or 4 hours.

With a recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes on top of many other health issues I felt ready to die. I could not seem to stop gaining weight and started having angina for the first time in 20 years since my coronary artery bypass surgery.

I did not just need a weight-loss plan, I needed someone to walk the journey with me. I thank God for Kim. She made this awesome recovery possible through her daily coaching and and continuous support.

It is now December 2021 and I honestly feel healthier than I have in 30 years. I have energy and I can walk without stopping to catch my breath. I no longer have cravings for sugar and carbs and even though I have gained back a little weight I feel very balanced.

My body is working in wonderful ways that I did not think possible. With my doctor’s permission and encouragement I have decreased my statin drugs for cholesterol and halved my proton pump inhibitor for acid reflux. I have been on these medicines for years.

Thank you Kim!!”

Reach out if you feel ready to take the first steps on your health journey.

Switching to a healthier diet and changing habits has to be a win – win.

By that I mean it has to be delicious and it has to be easy, doable and sustainable.

I hear the same story a lot… ‘’I got busy and the wheels fell off the bus’’ or ‘’the stress level went up and all the new habits went out’’

Stressful times are when our bodies crave good nutrition the most. Having a plan in place and a couple of easy go-tos is a game-changer and crucial to staying the course. Because…


I’m sharing one of my old favourites with you.

It’s loaded with greens that supply a ton of nutrients (and don’t interfere with the flavour).

Nutritional yeast has a delicious cheesy flavour and it provides a ton of B vitamins (we burn through the B’s with stress). If you can’t find any, just add a bit more cheese.

For my clients that are following their plan and don’t want to mix proteins, you can omit the cheese and increase the amount of nutritional yeast.

This is a recipe I make ahead when I know the week will be extra busy.

I enjoy it best at room temperature or just slightly warmed but I have to confess it gets eaten straight out of the fridge sometimes.

It’s great for breakfast with a nice fruit platter or pair it with a tossed salad or some fermented vegetables for lunch or supper.

I also like to have some in the freezer as a quick, decadent breakfast when I have guests, especially around the holidays.

Get the recipe HERE

picture of frittata ingredients; eggs, vegetables, milk, flour and seasonings.

picture of frittata ingredients; eggs, vegetables, milk, flour and seasonings.

(I often stock up on eggs and greens and make a double or triple batch to have some on hand in the freezer.)

When I make a single recipe, I bake the frittata in the same cast iron pan that I used to sauté the veggies. I’m a fan of parchment to make cleaning up easier.

picture of frittata about to go into oven

picture of frittata about to go into oven

I hope you have fun with this and make it your own by switching up some of the veggies and adjusting the seasonings.

Once you get it right, scale it and make that precious kitchen time count.

Here’s to making healthy delicious.