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Health Span Vs Life Span

I recently had one of those aha moments when I read something that perfectly summarized a message that I’d been fumbling around with for years. HEALTH SPAN vs LIFE SPAN My dad was saddled with a slew of degenerative diseases; he survived a stroke, a heart attack and suffered from chronic pain. In pop’s case, […]


Are You Creating Your Own Eating Frenzy?

I was walking around in our pasture the other day and the wild apple trees are dropping their fruit, the blackberries are juicy and sweet. Mother Nature has everything set up to create an eating frenzy. For the critters that need to survive winter and live off of their reserves, this scenario is perfect. Once […]


Booze For Stress Relief

A few Fridays ago my guts were tied up in knots. It had been a busy week and I had company landing in for the weekend. My stomach and chest felt painfully tight. It was similar to how you’d feel before going for a big job interview or before a public speaking gig. I tried […]


Client Highlight; Meet Daphné

Daphné reached out to me with energy issues and cravings. Her sleep wasn’t great and she occasionally felt foggy and forgetful, especially if she was feeling hungry or skipped a meal. Daphné is a beautiful and dedicated young teacher that loves her new career. While discussing her goals, she made it clear that she didn’t […]

Friends With Benefits

The friends I’m referring to are the bacteria and microorganisms that make up your gut microbiome. What were you thinking? We possess more of these microorganisms than we have cells in our entire body. More and more research is coming out revealing just how much clout these friends with benefits have over us. Specifically how […]


No Shame

A couple of brave clients reached out recently. They screwed up their courage and confessed that they’d regained a bit of weight after finishing up our sessions together and they wanted to nip it in the bud. They both used the word ‘shame’ in their messages. As in; ‘I’ve been too embarrassed to call because […]


I’m Not Buying Into Your B.S.

I have a couple of clients that are currently going through similar stuff. They’re unrelated and in different parts of the country. I decided to write this because I know they aren’t alone with this issue.     They both struggle with long-standing weight issues and all of the other things that come with it: […]

Asian Inspired Stir-Fry Sauce

This is it! The perfect little sauce you’ve been waiting for. I love Asian flavors and I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for several years now. The recipe that I’m about to share (or some version of it) has been my go-to for quite a while. Stir fry is called fast-food at my house and […]


I Am Not A Luxury

The pandemic was an eye opener. Looking back has really allowed me to see just how much of a hit I took, like so many small businesses. I’m getting back up, but my business legs still feel wobbly and vulnerable. I’m guessing that a lot of that stems from fear. Fear because my livelihood was […]


High Test or Regular?

I have a friend that owns a beautiful luxury car and she always gasses up with the expensive, high-test fuel. Sometimes when we go on long car trips, Hughie puts the high test stuff in our car, and we don’t drive a luxury car. He tells me that it helps clean out the motor, avoid […]