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I Am Not A Luxury

The pandemic was an eye opener. Looking back has really allowed me to see just how much of a hit I took, like so many small businesses. I’m getting back up, but my business legs still feel wobbly and vulnerable. I’m guessing that a lot of that stems from fear. Fear because my livelihood was […]


High Test or Regular?

I have a friend that owns a beautiful luxury car and she always gasses up with the expensive, high-test fuel. Sometimes when we go on long car trips, Hughie puts the high test stuff in our car, and we don’t drive a luxury car. He tells me that it helps clean out the motor, avoid […]


Intuitive Eating

Diet mentality is pervasive and insidious. Because of this, navigating the topic of weight loss is understandably fraught with all kinds of conflicting emotions and push-back. Weight loss gets associated with dieting which is commonly associated with the toxic cycle of deprivation and then bingeing. This can then lead to low self confidence, b.s. stories […]

Client Highlight; Meet Sherrill

Sherrill is a beautiful vibrant nurse, wife, mom, new grandmother, sister and friend. She reached out about a year ago because she was dealing with pretty extreme abdominal pain caused by diverticulitis. Her diverticulitis flare-ups would land her in the hospital requiring antibiotic treatments once or twice a year. This had been going on for […]


THE One Food to Combat Cold and Flu Season

  Scurvy, the disease that wiped out thousands of sailors is caused by a lack of vitamin C. The 18th century explorer, James Cook was the first explorer to beat the scurvy epidemic that plagued long ocean voyages. How did he do it? Sauerkraut baby! Nowadays scurvy is pretty low on our radar as far […]

Beware!! This Could Change Everything

This year is about alchemy my friend. Alchemy is defined as turning base metal into gold. This year, I’m going to challenge you to turn what you perceived as past failures, into gold nuggets of learning. 👉1) What is the story that goes on in your head as you feel yourself going down that all […]

This Is Non-Negotiable

If we’ve worked together in the past, I’m offering this as a loving reminder ❤️ If we haven’t yet worked together, please check out my PRACTICAL TIPS FOR MAINTAINING OVER THE HOLIDAYS I don’t have too many rules with clients. One thing that makes me incredibly sad is when clients come back to see me […]

Man Can I Be Vicious

The marketing and tech part of my business is the hardest part for me. I never signed up to become a marketing expert and I resist that aspect of my business a lot. But, if I want to do what I love, make a living and actually connect with folks, then ‘putting myself out there’ […]

My Golden Years

I got into this game because of a burning desire to ROCK my golden years. In case you didn’t know, I co-owned a retirement home for several years. Hearing ; ”The golden years; not so golden” several times a week from our seniors wigged me out. That’s when I began searching and when I landed […]


The Only Garlic Butter Recipe You’ll Ever Need

My moto is: Make Healthy Delicious. Adopting a healthier way of eating will only stick if it is sustainable – that means that you can keep it up and see yourself eating this way forever. In other words, it must be D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. I meet so many folks that have this weird belief that if it […]