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Client Highlight: Meet Kiana

The young gal you’re about to meet is pretty special to me. She’s my kid! When Kiana asked me about doing a Metabolic Balance plan to help shed a few extra pounds, I had my reservations. Working with people you’re close to in a consulting role is hard. I also come across so many people […]

What Does Stress Management Look Like For You?

A holistic approach involves looking at all of you. In my last blog, I discussed how simply cooking your own food is a giant act of self-care. When I ask clients what they do to manage their stress, I usually get a blink, blink followed by a blank stare. It’s not because my clients aren’t […]


What Self Care Looks Like For Me

The pandemic was hard on my business like so many others. Apparently people aren’t into overhauling their diet when they’re just treading water. The good news is that business has picked up. With a busier schedule, I’ve found myself having to practice what I preach. As many of my clients know, a holistic approach involves […]


Client Highlight; Meet Stephanie

My clients are my biggest source of inspiration. I hope this gorgeous young gal’s story inspires you. Meet Stephanie, Stephanie is a 26 year old veterinary technician. Her warm smile and bubbly personality never fails to light up the room. She works full time, has several fur babies as well as a boyfriend and family […]


The Case For Real Food

I find myself constantly arguing the case for real food. Moving away from preparing our own nourishment hasn’t been good for us. We’re a culture that pride ourselves on being hyper busy. So why should you waste your time cooking your own food when there are so many convenient and tasty options? Because food manufacturers […]


Client Highlight; Meet Phil

I love my work and I’m always inspired by my clients. Here is a client journey I’d like to share with you. Meet Phil; An avid world traveler and active retired business man, at 71 Philip manages his hobby farm and has many interests and hobbies. Phil is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. […]


Blood Sugar Crash

I recently got a little reminder about why I do what I do. I was running errands the other day and since I still a few stops to make and was a while from home, I figured I’d grab something to eat. I was in the grocery store and decided to pick up some spring […]


Processed Food is Addictive

Have you ever felt like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to your weight? I want to talk a little about what you’re up against. Processed food The following stats blew my socks off: There is actually a whole business model built around getting people addicted to processed foods thereby guaranteeing return customers […]


Are You At The Bottom Of Your List?

You’re a smart, make-it-happen kind of person. So tell me; why do you always put yourself last? Attending to your diet and losing those extra pounds is scary and may seem like a giant mountain… But it doesn’t have to be. We all make up these obstacles in our minds, then we run through all […]


Are Your Cravings Running The Show?

  Have your cravings ever gotten in the way of a weight loss goal? Cravings are a lot more about what and how you’re eating, rather than about pure willpower Here are a few of the things that may be driving your cravings: Insulin: Eating the wrong foods in the wrong way will lead to […]