I recently had one of those aha moments when I read something that perfectly summarized a message that I’d been fumbling around with for years.


My dad was saddled with a slew of degenerative diseases; he survived a stroke, a heart attack and suffered from chronic pain.

In pop’s case, his life span was not great, he passed away at 71, but his health span was the real sad part.

The final fifteen years of his life were spent mostly bed-ridden in his home, being cared for by our mom, until he was finally moved to long term care, where he lived for several more years.

I’ve tidied this up into one sentence but the reality of it all was a hot mess.

He was alive… but the quality of his life was pretty dismal.

I got into holistic nutrition and I do all of the stuff because I’ve got my eye on health span.

We never have any guarantees in life but you don’t have to dig very far to get solid proof that putting a little bit of energy into prevention pays big dividends in your health bank

What changes need to happen in order to stack your odds on healthy and thriving versus just surviving?

We can fret all we want about what life has in store for us, but at the end of the day, all we control are our own actions. I say make them count.