I was walking around in our pasture the other day and the wild apple trees are dropping their fruit, the blackberries are juicy and sweet.

Mother Nature has everything set up to create an eating frenzy.

For the critters that need to survive winter and live off of their reserves, this scenario is perfect.

Once that sweet fruit gets gobbled up, it drives up the amount of sugar in the blood.

High blood sugar triggers the release of insulin.

Insulin’s job is to shuttle sugar from the blood into the cells where it can be stored for energy later on.

High blood sugar = high insulin.

A side effect of high insulin is increased cravings.


Again, this is great for the deer, racoons and bunnies.

It means that their hunger and cravings will get ramped up so that they’ll feed and feed and build up essential reserves.

Aka, get fat.

Mother Nature is brilliant.

Now, change lanes.

Picture yourself standing in line at a convenience or grocery store. What are you seeing?

Likely, lots and lots of highly processed, sweet treats and transformed, starchy foods that have the same effect on your insulin levels and cravings.


If you feel like your body is betraying you because you just can’t lose the weight or because your cravings are running the show. I would like to propose a reframe:

Perhaps it’s because you’re building your plate to look like its fall time all year long?

Are you creating your own eating frenzy? It doesn’t have to be that way.


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