I have a friend that owns a beautiful luxury car and she always gasses up with the expensive, high-test fuel.

Sometimes when we go on long car trips, Hughie puts the high test stuff in our car, and we don’t drive a luxury car.

He tells me that it helps clean out the motor, avoid gunky buildup and prevent engine trouble.

What are you doing to prevent problems and gunky buildup?

Dude – your food is your fuel.

Your food gets broken down into the nutrients (the fuel) that your body machine needs to run optimally.

You wouldn’t pour muddy water into the gas tank of your car.

Fast food, packaged food and sugary manufactured foods are like muddy water for your body machine.

How can you expect your body to perform at its best (without fatigue, illness, depression, aches and pains…) when you’re dumping in transformed, refined or chemically-laden food?

Most people think they eat pretty well until they realize what’s slipping past their radar.

Your body machine has evolved alongside natural, seasonal, whole foods.

None of us have had the time to develop the enzymes or tools necessary to breakdown or eliminate the massive quantities of gunk-forming, life-sucking ingredients that we’re commonly dumping into our tanks.

If you don’t believe me, read a label sometime. If you can’t pronounce it – there’s a big chance your body doesn’t know what to do with it.