Tout comme vous avez pris l’initiative d’être proactif avec votre santé, j’essaie toujours d’améliorer mes compétences en tant que coach pour mieux vous aider.

Avec tout ce qui se passe, je suis plus déterminée que jamais à vouloir inspirer les gens, sachant que les petits changements peuvent apporter de grandes récompenses pour la santé.

Plusieurs d’entre vous ont exprimé le besoin d’un soutien supplémentaire pour adopter pleinement tous les changements de régime et de mode de vie que nous avons discuté lors de nos sessions ensemble.

Est-ce que l’un des énoncés suivants vous défini?

  • Vous êtes toujours déterminés à atteindre vos buts mais parfois vous manquez de motivation. Vous aimeriez plus de support pour vous aider à y arriver.
  • Vous avez atteints votre objectif mais vous avez du mal à maintenir votre nouveau poids santé.
  • Vous n’avez pas (encore) atteint vos objectifs, mais vous constatez des améliorations et vous voulez continuer.
  • La vie vous a mis des batons dans les roues et vos nouvelles habitudes ont pris le bord «je vais reprendre mon plan la semaine prochaine»
  • Vous êtes perfectionniste et quand vous avez senti que vous n’étiez pas en mesure de faire les choses à 100% vous avez tout abandonné.
  • Vous allez bien, mais vous aimeriez refaire vos phases 1 et 2 pour reprendre du bon pied.

Je vous invite à me contacter afin de discuter de vos besoins et pour déterminer s’il vous reste des consultations non utilisées sur votre plan.

J’ai aussi mis en place des réunions zoom qui auront lieu le premier samedi du mois de 10h à 11h

Voici le lien zoom pour vous connecter :

Ces séances visent à poser des questions, partager des conseils ou des recettes ou simplement pour discuter.

La vie est souvent surchargée et désordonnée.

Viser le progrès plutôt que la perfection et être doux avec soi-même est de mise, surtout pendants ces moments difficiles.

J’aimerais avoir de vos nouvelles.

Just as you took the initiative to be proactive with your health by addressing diet and lifestyle, I’m always trying to up my game in the coaching department to help support you better.

With everything that’s been going on, I’m more committed than ever about wanting to inspire you that small diet changes can bring big health rewards.

But let’s face it, changing old habits is hard.

Several of you have expressed the need for some extra support to fully embrace all of the diet and lifestyle changes that we discussed during our coaching.

Do any of the following statements resonate?

  • You’re still working towards your goals but your motivation is a little wobbly. You’d like a little more support and accountability to help you get there.
  • You’ve reached your goal but you struggle with old habits and maintaining your new healthy weight.
  • You haven’t quite achieved your goals (yet) to but you’re seeing improvements and you want to keep on moving forward.
  • You feel like you’ve dropped the ball and the familiar feelings of discouragement and negative self-talk are firmly back in the driver’s seat.
  • Life has gotten in the way and your new habits and foods have taken the back seat «I’ll get back on next week»
  • You’re a bit of a perfectionist and when you felt you weren’t able to do things 100%, you stopped doing them altogether.
  • You’re doing pretty well but you feel like you need a little reset.

Contact me so we can work out how I can help support you towards your goals and to determine if you have any unused consultations left on your plan.

I’ve also set up monthly zoom meetings that will take place on the first Saturday of the month from 10:00 until 11:00 am

Zoom link here:

These sessions are to ask questions, share tips and recipes or just hear from others that may be going through similar challenges.

Life is busy and messy.

Adopting a progress not perfection mindset along with a generous dose of self-kindness is always in order when adopting positive changes but most especially called for during these difficult times.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or if there is any other way I can help.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything it’s that our health care system can’t survive the consequences of ignoring prevention.

Its cold and flu season, its November and we’ve all been stressed to the eyeballs.

Here are some easy things that YOU have control over that will make a huge difference in your ability to resist getting sick or succumbing to these hard times.

Are you getting enough rest?

Sleep is so underrated and most people are sleep deprived. Our body uses the time we sleep to heal, detoxify and regenerate. Prioritizing sleep is essential.

Set yourself up for a great night’s rest:

  • Turn off devices and screens at least one or two hours before bed. The blue light from screens simulates the release of cortisol by the body. Cortisol is our wake up hormone.
  • Try a relaxing and detoxifying Epsom salt bath before bed. Soaking in a tub with one or two cups of Epsom salts for at least 45 minutes is a great way to relax. Epsom salts provide essential magnesium that is a naturally calming mineral.
  • Cool your bedroom down, crack a window or block heat registers. Sleeping in a cool environment is most conducive to a good night’s sleep.
  • Block light; close blinds or use a face mask if necessary.
  • Are you a light sleeper? Sound proof your room or use ear plugs to ensure you won’t get disturbed.
  • Listen to your body’s signals. When you feel extra tired, grab a nap whenever you can, make sure to get to bed earlier or use weekends to catch up.

We’re so obsessed with being productive that we tend to push through important messages our bodies are attempting to send us.

Are you stressed?

Of course you are, most people minimize stress. We’ll never be able to eliminate stress completely and a little stress is good and keeps us moving forward. But putting things in perspective can help:

God, (Universe, Source Energy, Goddess, Higher Power, Inner Ding…) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

What soothes you?

Is it light exercise such as walking, striking a few yoga poses, getting out in nature, reading an inspirational book, being creative, meditation, prayer…? Do it.

Prioritize it the same way you prioritize paying your bills, maintaining your car or checking in with a loved one. Set an alarm on your phone to do that thing that feels good to you every day.

How’s your diet?

Folks associate healthy eating with cutting out everything they enjoy. Not true. I think enjoying your food is as essential as the quality of what you eat. Just be moderate and get crafty at making the healthy stuff delicious.

Rather than cutting things out focus on adding good things in:

  • Perhaps you’re in the habit of skipping breakfast? Try getting in a morning smoothie. Here are some tips on how to build your own therapeutic smoothie. Even doing this a couple of times a week is better than never. Pay attention to how you feel when you do manage to get it in.
  • Vegetables are your multivitamins. Make a delicious soup and freeze some for later or try roasting vegetables.  I’ve converted many Brussels sprout haters to lovers by cooking them this way.
  • Leafy greens like spinach, kale, parsley are widely available and powerful.  Wash them immediately and have them prepped and ready. Chop them up fine and add them in everywhere. They don’t affect the flavour but the nutrient payoff is huge.
  • Try to get a little probiotic or naturally fermented foods in daily. Examples of fermented foods are yogurt, kefir or naturally fermented vegetables like sauerkraut.
  • Sprouts are packed with enzymes that are powerful for the immune system. Add sprouts to salads, onto hot soups, into sandwiches or toss into a stir fry at the very end.
  • Slowing down, giving thanks and thoroughly chewing your food is powerful for digestion and overall health. Sound too simple? Trust me, I’ve seen clients overcome serious digestive issues simply by bringing a little more mindfulness to mealtimes.

According to new research on epigenetics, about 95 percent of all illnesses are related to diet and lifestyle choices, chronic stress and toxic factors in the environment.

You have a lot more power over your health and the quality of your golden years than you thought. Small changes add up and do make a difference. What will you do for yourself this November?