I used to be a smoker. It took me about 8 years and at least 9 tries to finally quit for good.

I can still remember the dread I’d come up against every time I’d screw up enough courage to try again.

What I realize now is that each unsuccessful attempt was actually a stepping stone.

Each time I’d get a little clearer on what makes me tick and what makes me self-sabotage…

The experience also taught me to not quit trying even though it was a little painful and humiliating.

A lot of times, clients come at weight loss with the same defeated attitude. Often they’ve tried A LOT of things only to fall back into old habits.

Changing habits isn’t easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. It’s not always linear and it doesn’t always happen on the first try but it is ALWAYS possible.

So next time you think about getting back on the wagon, check in with yourself.

What’s your self-talk?

Does it go something like this: You can’t do it. Who do you think you are? You’ve tried this before. You’re a loser. It’ll never work. You’ll always be this way. You’re too weak. You’ll always be…

Now call BULLSH*T on that voice.

Some people call that voice their gremlin, some people call it the censor.

No matter what you call it you have to start noticing it for what it is: An old program that was likely installed when you were in grade school and is no longer serving you.

I highly recommend reading this classic if you’d like to start getting good at calling out your gremlin.

Each past experience, even the ouchie ones, are getting you one step closer to finally breaking the old habits and installing the new program.

Don’t stop trying and don’t stop showing up for yourself.

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