The marketing and tech part of my business is the hardest part for me. I never signed up to become a marketing expert and I resist that aspect of my business a lot.

But, if I want to do what I love, make a living and actually connect with folks, then ‘putting myself out there’ and (what I perceive as) hustling comes with the territory.

Recently I’ve been struggling.

I’ve been scattered, stressed, doing a little of everything and bouncing from one thing to the next. Basically spinning my wheels.

And boy have the beatings ever been brutal.

When I say beatings; I’m referring to my self-talk or saboteur stories, basically the bullshit that plays on repeat in the background of my mind.

Once I started paying attention, I caught myself chastising myself for being lazy, scattered, undisciplined.

These beatings were very real and have probably been going on in the background for years if not decades.

I’m pretty convinced now that one of the keys to making lasting change involves revisiting that self-talk.

You weaken your saboteurs by exposing and labelling them.

So finally I woke up. Or put differently, I started NOTICING my saboteur stories.

Wait a sec.

I’m not lazy or undisciplined (I can be a tad scattered).

I just don’t have all of the tools yet.

I’m beating myself up for not being an expert when I never even learned the basics.

Recognizing the nay-saying voices was the first step to silencing them for long enough for me to dial down the stress, get clear on my next steps, and move towards action.

I then reached out to my marketing gal and my tech guy and we made a plan to grow me in this area. Stay tuned 😉

I’m sharing all of this with you in case you ever spin out about your health or your weight.

What’s your self-talk when that happens?

Pretty nasty eh.

I urge you to reframe that story and consider that you aren’t defective, weak, doomed or whatever other story you’ve bought into.

You just don’t have all of the tools yet.

You just need a plan.

My job as your coach will be to:

help establish your action plan.
give you the tools (or just fine tune the tools you already have).
help get you connected to how you feel when you use the tools.
help keep you focused on your plan.
make sure the whole shebang is doable and sustainable long term.

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