A couple of brave clients reached out recently.

They screwed up their courage and confessed that they’d regained a bit of weight after finishing up our sessions together and they wanted to nip it in the bud.

They both used the word ‘shame’ in their messages.

As in; ‘I’ve been too embarrassed to call because I was feeling a little ashamed…’

My response:


Nooooooooooooo shame!!


Changing diet is HUGE and it’s a process.

Anyone that’s worked with me knows that it’s a lot of stuff to integrate.

Holy hell, I’m still integrating it.

How you eat is a pretty deep groove as far as habits go. You’re bound to slip back into old familiar patterns now and then.

The good news; it gets easier.

But, until the ease part comes in, you’ve got to put all of the odds in your favor.

If you’re struggling or if you’ve backtracked; don’t waste precious time and energy beating yourself up. It. Doesn’t. Work.

Call me to do a little fine-tuning and get back on.

Over time, this stuff will become second nature. I PROMISE.

In the meanwhile, cut yourself a little slack.

Reach out.

P.S. Stay tuned for some maintenance tips.

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I have a couple of clients that are currently going through similar stuff. They’re unrelated and in different parts of the country.

I decided to write this because I know they aren’t alone with this issue.



They both struggle with long-standing weight issues and all of the other things that come with it: inflammation, digestive issues, lab values that have been getting progressively worse over time…

They both got off to a great start, were motivated and saw great results.

Then they both started ghosting me.

Both of these gals are incredibly intelligent, capable, kind and deserving.

They don’t lack willpower and they’ve both accomplished pretty amazing things in their lives.

What I suspect they both have in common is that they’re buying into their stories.

Stories like: You can’t do this, you aren’t good enough, you aren’t worthy enough, this is never going to work, it’s never worked before, who the heck do you think you are…

Full disclosure, I’m guessing here because I’m not in their heads… but these are examples that I hear an awful lot.

They were both on the verge of making serious progress. The kind of progress that would mean that permanent change was actually possible and they’d have to rewrite that story.

That’s when the voices started getting very loud.

And they listened.

Like clockwork, things started happening; stress, drama and overwhelm got really high.

This makes me incredibly sad.

As someone on the outside looking in, it’s as clear as day that the stories are bullshit.

Both of these beautiful gals are more than capable and they were doing everything right.


We all have these voices, I call it the loop that plays on repeat in your mind.

Most of us don’t even notice it because it’s such a part of our incessant mental chatter.

So it turns out that the voices, also called saboteurs, hate change.

Their job is to maintain the status quo at all costs.

When you’re on the brink of making real change happen, the voices get really noisy.

Drama gets created, stress levels soar and the self-fulfilling prophesy gets cemented.


A self-fulfilling prophesy is defined as an expectation or belief that can influence your behaviours thereby causing the belief to come true.

In other words, you have a belief about how the future is going to go down, that leads you to behave in a certain way, that ultimately brings about the anticipated outcome. You can read some interesting stuff about it HERE.


To my amazing clients, I want to say that I’m not buying into the bullshit.

Take all of the time you need, I’ll be here when you’re ready.

You WILL make this happen.

Love Kim

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This is it!

The perfect little sauce you’ve been waiting for.

I love Asian flavors and I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for several years now.

The recipe that I’m about to share (or some version of it) has been my go-to for quite a while.

Stir fry is called fast-food at my house and it’s a great way to get a lot of variety into your diet.

It’s also great for a quick, tasty lunch so consider scaling this recipe to ensure enough for leftovers.

Everything will come together pretty quickly so it’s a good idea to get all of your ingredients prepped ahead of time.


GET THE RECIPE HERE:  Asian inspired stir fry sauce recipe


1) Start by making the sauce.

I don’t usually cook the sauce until I bring all of the ingredients together.

Be mindful that the sauce will need to simmer in order to thicken.


2) Prep your veggies.

Prepare all of the veggies that you’ll be using and place them on a tray to add in according to cooking time.

When selecting vegetables, think color!

Different colors bring different nutrients to the table.

Here are some examples:

Orange/red could be carrot, butternut squash, sweet potato, sweet bell pepper or cherry tomatoes…

Green could be broccoli, asparagus, green beans, okra, snow peas, scallions…

Pale or white could be onion, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, turnip, daikon, bok choy, …

You get the idea.

Select at least one from each color category to ensure max nutrients and eye-pleasing deliciousness.

Try busting out of your usual veggie rotation and get some new veggies or varieties in there.

Our ancestors used to eat over one hundred different varieties of vegetables according to season and availability. It’s estimated that most of us just circle around the same fifteen or so.

Also use the stir fry opportunity to get some leafy greens into your mix. Leafy greens (such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard and collard greens..) pack a ton of nutrition and won’t alter the flavor of your dish.

Remember to add the leafy green towards the end since they cook down pretty quickly.

3) Prepare your protein.

If you’re using cooked shrimp, cooked legumes, delicate fish or nuts such as cashews, they will just need to be tossed in at the end and warmed through.

If using tempeh, you may want to marinate it and sear it before bringing everything together.

If using poultry, meat or sturdier fish, you’ll also want to precook it and set it aside.


4) Bring it all together.

Start sautéing your veggies according to their cooking time.

I like my veggies al-dente and a little crunchy so the cooking time is pretty short. You may need to use a little broth or water throughout the process to keep everything flowing.

Once your veggies are about 3 minutes from being done, add in the sauce, your leafy greens and your protein and bring to a simmer to thicken the sauce and warm through.

Serve on warmed plates or flat bowls and consider garnishing with something like chopped coriander, lime wedges, chopped peanuts or toasted sesame seeds.


I hope you have fun.

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The pandemic was an eye opener.

Looking back has really allowed me to see just how much of a hit I took, like so many small businesses.

I’m getting back up, but my business legs still feel wobbly and vulnerable. I’m guessing that a lot of that stems from fear.

Fear because my livelihood was jeopardized in what felt like an instant and because it brought up a big question:

Are my services considered a luxury?

Our culture, system, dialogue… whatever you want to call it, still doesn’t value or prioritize prevention and self-responsibility when it comes to health… YET!

What I mean by that is there is a disconnect between where our personal responsibility lies and what can just be chalked up to genetics, bad luck… stuff outside of our control. The solution always seem to be to take a pill.

If you’re still reading, you likely lean more towards taking personal responsibility for your health.

However, despite attracting very self-responsible clients, I’m still surprised at how many people DON’T believe that they have much control over their inflammation, weight, energy, digestion, sleep quality, how they deal with stress…

I don’t mean for this to be an accusation if you are struggling with any of the above health issues or take pills.

This is NOT about being self-righteous or dogmatic in the belief that everything is preventable or reversible. The picture is much more nuanced and complicated than that.

I’m saying that laying a solid foundation for optimal health starts with your nutrition. Your fuel.

Investing a little bit in yourself will pay off in a big way. Read what clients have to say here.

When I ask clients to reflect on what had the most impact, I almost always get the same answer:

”I thought I was eating pretty well…”

Health is wealth and your birthright.

It is not a luxury.

I get that looking into tweaking your diet can be scary AF. Everyone is at a different place, with different needs, time, skills, budget…

My job is to adjust to YOU, not the other way around.

To see if we’re a good fit, I offer a free 30 minute discovery call where we’ll discuss your needs and if it’s appropriate, come up with a game plan that works for you.

Email me or reach out via my website to book a no strings attached chat.

I look forward to connecting.