Daphné reached out to me with energy issues and cravings.

Her sleep wasn’t great and she occasionally felt foggy and forgetful, especially if she was feeling hungry or skipped a meal.

Daphné is a beautiful and dedicated young teacher that loves her new career.

While discussing her goals, she made it clear that she didn’t want a restrictive program and didn’t want to feel deprived.

Upon reviewing her forms, she reported some digestive complaints as well some minor skin issues that were bothering her. She also experienced occasional tingling and numbness in her legs.

We started out by working on prioritizing sleep and integrating a few simple lifestyle things into her routine.

As a culture that puts a lot of value on doing, we tend to undervalue sleep. Sleep is where healing and regeneration occurs and it’s foundational to overall health.

We also looked at her stress picture which was exceptionally high considering the fact that she was juggling a full time teaching position as well as completing Master’s level studies .

The focus of our work was balancing insulin levels, supporting her gut and ensuring that she was giving her body nutrient-dense fuel.

All of that was wrapped up in a bit more mindfulness and self-love ❤️

Shining a light on her stress allowed Daphné to really see how much of an impact it had on digestion and energy levels.

This helped her create some boundaries in order to prioritize herself and her energy.

2 months in, she dropped 10 lbs.

The weight loss was not intentional but moving towards more stable insulin levels and higher quality foods allowed her body to naturally release extra weight and achieve those stable energy levels that she was looking for.

By supporting her gut with wholesome foods and probiotics, her brain fog lifted and her cravings went away.

Prioritizing healthy fats and crowding out inflammatory fats had a positive impact on her skin and the tingling and numbness in her legs.

Daphné is proactive, self-responsible and engaged in her own healing.

What’s more, she enjoys her new eating style and sees it as something that she’ll be able to maintain long-term.


Here are a few words from her:

”Before meeting Kim, I was experiencing unstable energy levels, cravings, bloating, brain fog and fatigue, to name a few.

I had been observing these symptoms forever, thinking this was normal.

These states of mind kept going on and on until I finally decided it was enough. One day I reached out to Kim, not knowing this would be a gift to my mind and body.

When Kim asked me to fill in lifestyle forms and questionnaires to draw a portrait of my health profile, the results were speaking.

My score was relatively high for one of them, which meant something was up.

Working with her allowed me to reconstruct my idea of food. This experience has not only taught me about food and its impact on the body, but it has also taught me what my body needs.

She gave me tools and handy advice that are useful daily.

About three months in, I feel like the symptoms bothering me have diminished or disappeared.

I no longer crave sugar and have stable energy throughout the day. I learned to listen to my body and to be aware of the messages sent from it.

Believe me, Kim can make your life much more enjoyable!”

Thank you Daphné, for sharing your inspiring story and congratulations on taking charge of your health.