If you’ve worked with me, you know how much I promote fermented foods. At one of my previous workshops, a participant asked: ‘’ Are you being paid by a sauerkraut company or something?’’

I’m not; but I can’t ignore the evidence that continues to pile up about the benefits of fermented foods and probiotic nutrition.

There are limited places for my upcoming online fermentation workshop. Click here for all the details.

I designed the workshop to be basic enough for beginners with fun tips that everyone will enjoy.

What you will get with this workshop:

  • Hands-on experience; you will leave with about 16 half-quart jars of your own delicious, bright and colourful ferments to enjoy and share.
  • Practical and simple how-to demonstrations so you can easily expand your family’s repertoire of fermented foods.
  • 15 delicious recipes that will help you easily incorporate these probiotic foods into your family’s diet.
  • Tips on how to select the best fermented foods from the grocery store (In case you decide to take a break from fermenting)
  • A list of easy to find groceries and common kitchen equipment so you can ferment along with me at home.
  • A recording of the entire live workshop will be sent to folks who sign up.
  • The opportunity to stay connected via a closed facebook group to share and ask questions after the workshop is over.

Our ancestors fermented food out of necessity as a safe way to preserve food. Our modern culture has moved away from naturally fermented foods in the name of convenience and speed. I really think these traditional foods are one of the missing links that can help restore health and digestion as well as our ability to resist disease.

Most dairy and beef farmers feed fermented food to their animals in the form of silage. The consequence of running out or of having a bad batch is immediately noticed in the overall health and production of the herd. Any good dog or cat food contains some kind of probiotic supplement.

Fermented foods are beneficial for immune system health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, liver and kidney health all the way to emotional health highlighted by the growing body of research we’re getting on the gut-brain connection.

These foods have an impact on just about every body system because the health of our gut microbiome (our gut ecology) is so important.  What I’m talking about is not a magic food or a cure-all, it’s about variety, diversity and consistency. Or in other words it’s about getting many different types of fermented foods in, in small amounts on a regular basis.

It’s time to stop putting out health fires and start preventing them at the source. Getting to the root cause of all these ailments means starting with the gut.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.